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Welcome to Stitch.Database

Stitch.Database is a Microsoft SQL and Access wrapper for .NET created in C#. Its goal is to make connecting and querying databases clean and easy with a minimal amount of code. Stitch.Database can usually accomplish 10 lines of System.Data.SqlClient code with about 3 or 4 lines, and is much simpler to understand.

Stitch.Database is an open source project, and the DLL and source code can be downloaded here. Stitch.Database is currently at version, which means it is stable enough to be used in a productive environment. The latest documentation is avaliable online here.

For information on setting up Stitch.Database, please read our very short Usage Guide. It's only about 3 paragraphs and is very simple to understand, and should solve the majority of installation issues.

Finally, if you have any suggestions, problems, compliments or large sums of money for Stitch.Database, please drop us a line by clicking here.

Copyright (C) Paul Stovell, 2004. All rights reserved.
This product is subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the licence agreement.