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Stitch.Database Usage Guide

This guide assumes you have downloaded Stitch.Database and installed to C:\Stitch.Database. If you have installed it to another directory, simply replace "C:\Stitch.Database" with the path to the folder you installed to.

Building Stitch.Database

Stitch.Database comes pre-compiled, but there are times you might wish to build it yourself. To build Stitch.Database, simply navigate to C:\Stitch.Database\Source and run Build.bat.

If you get an error message such as "'csc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." then you will need to set the %PATH% environment variable to include the location of CSC (the C# compiler).

If Stitch.Database compiles successfully, navigate to C:\Stitch.Database\Bin and you will find there is a DLL (Stitch.Database.DLL), which is all you need to reference in your source code.

Referencing Stitch.Database - Command Line

If you are using the command line or a batch file to compile your source code (using csc (the C# compiler) or vbc (VB.NET)), simply add:


to the list of arguments to the compiler.

Referencing Stitch.Database - Visual Studio .NET

If on the other hand you are using Visual Studio .NET, simply go to "Project" -> "Add Reference..." and under the .NET tab click "Browse..." and navigate to C:\Stitch.Database\Source. Click "Open" and then click "OK".

Your projects should now compile perfectly. Warning: Failure to reference Stitch.Database.DLL when compiling your source code will result in lots and lots of horribly nasty error messages!

Copyright (C) Paul Stovell, 2004. All rights reserved.
This product is subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the licence agreement.